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  • Modern facility to handle most sizes and types of aluminum castings.
  • NFFS/ISO/NQS-9000 quality program.
  • Fully automated sand handling system.
  • Continuous mixer for Pepset molds
  • Core blowers for SO2 cores up to 30 lbs.
  • Shell core machines for up to 30” cores.
  • All electric resistance melting for high metal quality.
  • Flux injection thoroughly cleans the metal to prevent micro inclusions.
  • Hunter automatic molding machine handles 20" x 24" mold size.
  • BMM Weston Cope and Drag line; BT5; QCT3.
  • Loose molding for prototypes and short runs.
  • Osborn Rotolift & squeezers provide efficient production for lower volumes.
  • First class finishing room.
  • In-house heat treating.
  • On-site sand and Metallurgical lab.


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